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Workshops for municipalities, regions and businesses

For municipalities & regions

Community Vision and strategy (VIS) – A tool for strategic municipal management
Competitiveness of a city in a knowledge-based economy
Attracting foreign direct investment in the region and the city
Internationalization of business activities in the region / community
Promotion of brand development for a city/region
Foundation of a Regional Development association
Formation of a regional economic association
Establishment of a functional region for crafts, tourism and agriculture
Municipal cooperation in the region – inter-municipal cooperation to exploit synergies
Establishment of a regional innovation centre for individual sectors
Establishment of an energy region
Communication barriers and skills of officials in a context-friendly community
Public services and private equity – pro et contra
Business etiquette
citizen participation through new media (for public administration)
Tourism in relation to the media
Understanding the role of media development at the local level (mayor)

For companies

Internationalization of the company’s business
Business negotiations
Financing and management of EU projects
Promotion of branding
Evaluation of the financial situation of the company
Business etiquette
Motivate colleagues and resolve conflicts
Motivating employees in crisis situations
Assessment interview
Lead and assemble teams
Conducting an annual interview
Organizing your own work and that of others

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