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Vision, mission & Values

Palemid Group

Palemid Group consists of ‘Palemid – Consulting, Research, Education Ltd’ and ‘Institute Palemid Maribor – Institute for Sustainable Development”. Both are consulting companies in the fields of business and public administration, research, education and EU projects. The international network of experts and the focus on the business challenges of the customers ensures continuous growth, business excellence and sustainable competitive advantages for the customers.

Palemid offers creative solutions for complex challenges in companies and public administration. The knowledge of local and international experts is constantly being combined with the knowledge of customers to find opportunities that are reflected in the competitive position and success of the customers.

Vision, mission & values


Palemid strives to become one of the leading consulting groups, promoting business excellence and services that contribute to the performance of companies, public administration and NGOs. With a network of international experts with whom we work, we provide creative solutions that are tailored to the needs and strategic challenges of each client individually.


Palemid assist businesses, government and non-governmental organizations with unique solutions in order to support them in achieving development challenges. Palemid strives to become the leading provider of consulting services in business, public administration and non-profit sector. Palemid Group, with its innovative, reliable solutions that are the result of the integration of domestic and foreign knowledge of company’s experts and knowledge of our clients, focuses on the success of its clients both in terms of strengthening their position in the market, and increased performance, such as overcoming development challenges in general. Palemid’s experts with enthusiasm for what they do, focus all their energy to the final satisfaction of customer.

Customer orientation, trust and partnership, perfection in what we do, knowledge, competence and experience, caring for employees and teamwork are just some of our core values.

  • Focus on the customer

The business challenges of our customers are the focus of our activities. The success of our services can be measured by the success of our customers, therefore the satisfaction of our customers is the main driver for our consulting services.

  • Trust and partnership

We create trust with our customers through transparent communication and a continuous exchange of information. We work to the highest standards of ethics and integrity and strive to develop a sincere relationship and mutual respect with the client. We know that every client has his own needs, so a partnership between consultant and client is one of our most important values.

  • Perfection in what we do

The enthusiasm of our experts for our work and maintaining a positive attitude in all circumstances ensures the highest quality of our services. Creative solutions for complex strategic challenges are always the result of unique solutions that are individually tailored to each client and analyze the challenges from different perspectives.

  • Knowledge, expertise and experience

A network of domestic and foreign experts provides us with specialist knowledge and practical experience both in the business world and in public administration and NGOs. Consistency, reliability, positive attitude, quality, creativity and openness are the skills with which our experts provide high-quality solutions to business challenges.

  • Support of employees and teamwork

The Palemid Group encourages the continuous personal and professional development of its employees and offers them a dynamic and challenging work environment. We constantly promote teamwork by working together on a national and international level, in the knowledge that we are stronger as a team.


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