Institute Palemid Maribor

Institute for sustainable development.
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Institute Palemid Maribor

Terčeva ulica 61
2000 Maribor

Corporate governance

Corporate Governance Culture.

Economic Development

Economic development of regions and cities.


We participate in educational processes at domestic and international institutions.

Institute Palemid Maribor

Research, participation in EU projects, participation in development assistance programs, education and publicity.

Palemid Maribor Institute – Institute for Sustainable Development is a non-profit institution active in the field of European projects, research and education. An international network of experts and a focus on environmental development challenges ensures continued growth, excellence and sustainable customer development.

The Palemid Maribor Institute offers creative solutions to the complex challenges of modern development in the fields of economics, environment and energy. We constantly connect the knowledge of local and international experts with the knowledge of our clients, in order to discover opportunities that will bring them lasting and successful development.


Palemid Institute Maribor
Institute for Sustainable Development


Terčeva ulica 61
2000 Maribor

GEO: E15.64109, N46.57655

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